Best of the Bar: Raspberry Fizz Cocktail

Now that our bar cart is all set up and stocked, I've been playing mixologist and coming up with some unique concoctions! I'm hoping to share a cocktail recipe here on the blog at least a couple of times a month! The first one is super-simple, but very pretty, and would make the perfect bridal shower cocktail recipe because of the pink hue! To see past cocktail recipes, click here.

Raspberry Fizz Cocktail

1.5 ounces vodka 
1 ounce Chambord raspberry piquer
Juice from 1/2 lime
5 ounces club soda

Pour vodka, Chambord, and lime juice over ice in a highball glass. Top with club soda and stir. Garnish with a lime.

Makes one.

Hairpin Leg Furniture

hairpin leg furniture
hairpin leg furniture
hairpin leg furniture
hairpin leg furniture
image sources: 1/2/3/4

I've been noticing a little home decor mini-trend become more and more popular over the last several weeks, and I kind of love it! Have you ever seen hairpin leg furniture? (I love the super-literal name, the legs really do look like open bobby pins!) It's definitely a retro look, but I think it looks right at home with more contemporary furnishings when used appropriately. The great thing about this trend? If you're handy, it's relatively easy to DIY! This site specializes in selling hairpin legs to swap out with existing furniture legs, or you can follow this DIY (bottom photo above) and make yourself a cute little hairpin leg desk. If you're like me, and less handy, check out a few of my favorite options for hairpin leg furniture below.

How to Build a Wardrobe You Love

I know I'm not the only girl out there who has stood in front of her closet and said, "I have nothing to wear!" However, that doesn't have to be the case! I've compiled some of my favorite tricks and tips that will help you build a wardrobe full of clothes and outfits you love, that are appropriate for the lifestyle you lead. For most of us, a wardrobe overhaul can't happen overnight due to budget constraints, but if you slowly adopt a few of these tips, I can guarantee you'll have a closet full of clothes you love in no time!

1. First, clean out your closet. To pad out your shopping budget, try to consign or re-sell the clothes that are in good condition that don't work for your current body or lifestyle.

2. Be honest with yourself. Do you really need any more cocktail dresses? I probably have a dozen, and haven't worn one in months. Have you gained (or lost?) a few pounds? That's okay, but you'll be much happier in jeans that fit your new body, and not the one you wish you had.

3. Ask yourself this question: What is the first thing you wear right after you do your laundry or dry cleaning and have your entire closet available to you? Whatever that item is, buy things that are similar to it, or even the same item in varying colors. Chances are, that's your favorite clothing item, and the one that best fits your lifestyle. Conversely, don't buy any more of whatever item hasn't been through the wash in months, because you're not wearing what you have, so you really don't need another item to hang unworn in your closet.

4. Next question: Which occasions most frequently induce the dreaded "nothing to wear" syndrome? Is it your daily work wardrobe? Girls' night out? Date night? Or did you just start working from home, and need some more casual clothes that aren't yoga-pants-casual?

After you've figured out where your wardrobe needs the most help, the fun begins!

5. Spend some time looking for photos of outfits you love that work for your lifestyle, and assess what pieces you own, and what you need to buy. To make things easier, try creating a Pinterest board for this one!

6. Figure out a clothing budget for the next few months.

7. Next, decide what are the items you need right away, and buy those items first, and continue to save for items you need but don't fall into the "urgent" category. Make a list, and I find it helpful to add items you may want to purchase to a Pinterest board- you can check back in every now and then and see if anything you're looking for has gone on sale.

8. Really, I can't re-iterate this enough: it's important to make a list, just like you would for groceries, so you don't wind up reverting to old habits.

9. Spend the most money on the items you wear the most. While it might seem like you should spend the most money on special occasion items, doesn't it make so much more sense to buy higher-quality items that you wear weekly? You'll spend less in the long run by not having to replace cheaper versions every few months.

10. I find it helpful to take a trusted, honest friend/sister/mom shopping. While that look you saw on Pinterest may seem like a good idea, it may not work with your body type, and sometimes we all need a second opinion to help us see the light!

11. Finally, only buy clothes that you love, fit, and flatter your current body. All of the above points are moot if you bring home clothes that don't make you feel like your best self!

So tell me, what are your tips to building a wardrobe you love?

Loving Right Now

This week's "loving right now" list is full of gold goodness, which isn't surprising, given that shiny is my favorite "color" these days! I'm trying something new with the collage this week- you can click on the photo of any item to be taken to the merchant website for purchase! Let me know what you think. 

Best of the Bar: My Vintage Bar Cart

bar cart   
bar cart  
bar cart
bar cart
bar cart

In case you missed this post (it's chock-full of bar cart styling goodness!), my in-laws gave me this gorgeous gold vintage bar cart for Christmas this year! Over the past few weeks, I've had so much fun styling up our little bar cart corner. The crowning glory of this little nook? The hanging gold pendants that were formerly part of J.Crew's holiday window display that my mother-in-law "acquired" for me. (Seriously, she's the best.)  It's officially my favorite corner of the house. 

Robin Wright's House of Cards Wardrobe

robin wright house of cards wardrobe
robin wright house of cards wardrobe
robin wright house of cards wardrobe
robin wright house of cards wardrobe
robin wright house of cards wardrobe
robin wright house of cards wardrobe
robin wright house of cards wardroberobin wright house of cards wardrobe

Have you watched Netflix's drama House of Cards, yet? The second season came out just last week, and I've already finished all 13 episodes, it's that good. The show is a very dark political thriller, centered around the power-hungry Congressman Frank Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey), and his wife, Claire (Robin Wright). The acting in the show is absolutely superb, and the storyline left me on the edge of my seat.

While the show is anything but fashion-centric, I've developed a major crush on Claire's wardrobe. What I love most about her wardrobe is how it's a very natural extension about her character: Claire is about as far as it gets from your typical "political wife" stereotype, and her wardrobe reflects her scheme-filled, icy demeanor. Filled with perfectly tailored pieces like button downs, sheath dresses, with an emphasis on unique (but never revealing!) necklines, the only thing her wardrobe lacks is color, instead emphasizing gray, black, white, navy, and the occasional blue. 

I've rounded up a few "Claire-approved" pieces for yyou to shop below! And tell me, are you as obsessed with this show as I am? 

How To: Style a Coffee Table

photo sources: 1/2/3/4/5

One of the latest additions to our home is this marble and gold West Elm coffee table that my (awesome!) parents gave us for Christmas! While I love and adore how the coffee table looks with nothing on it, it's always more interesting to style things up a bit, right? To me, the hard thing about an overly-styled coffee table, filled with books, tall flowers, sculptures, etc. (like the first photo in this post!) is that it doesn't exactly leave a lot of room for practical uses, like plates, drinks, and computers. (And yes, we eat at our coffee table sometimes.) 

All that said, here are my tips for a perfectly-styled coffee table: 

-Include something from nature, like flowers, or branches in a vase. However, if said coffee table is in  the line of view of the TV, be sure to keep the arrangement low. If you're a pet owner, be careful that the flowers or plants on the table aren't harmful to your animal, especially if it's within easy reach. For a full list of plants poisonous to pets, check out this list

-Candles are a great addition to create some ambiance, and add a subtle scent to the room. 

-Pair items in odd numbers for a well-designed look. 

-Include something entertaining for guests to look at, like a photo album or interesting coffee table book. 

-If you have a table on the small side, and would like to have things styled but easily removed so the table space can be freed up for dinner, group all of the items together on a tray, so you only have to move one item!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces of decor for coffee tables: 

Loving Right Now

I'm starting a new little series here on best of BKLYN today with this "loving right now" post! I'm planning on sharing ten(ish) items that I'm (you guessed it!) loving right now each week! First up: a necklace I'm obsessed with, perfect tops for spring, a kimono (I know, but I kind of love the outfit the model is wearing with it), pretty notepads, and two gorgeous spring-y dresses, one in eye-popping pink, and the other, a super-flattering floral that I'm pretty sure I'd want to wear every single day from now until September. 

What I Wore: Casual Monday

jeans: gap (similar) | top: gap | scarf: kate spade (this year's version) | shoes: clarks | sunglasses: target

Ah,three day weekends: when Mondays are amazing, and filled with brunch and lounging in hammocks. The weather was glorious (I ditched the scarf mid-day, and even put on shorts! Sorry, mid-westerners.) and I took full advantage! Hope your long weekend was full of fun adventures.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope that your day is filled with love (and chocolate!) no matter who you're spending it with! Have a great (long) weekend! 

PS: J.Crew is having a 25% off sale on select items. Check it out here


It's been a rough week for Mr. Bogey. He got neutered a week ago, and while he's healing just fine, he's being subjected to the cone of shame.  We're one week down, and have another whole week to go, per our vet's instructions. Did I mention we're on our third cone of shame? He's managed to escape and/or break the first two (hmm, using the cone as a battering ram was probably not what the cone was designed for, bud) plus a fabric contraption we rigged up to give him some cone-free time. He looks so sad and/or mad, which makes me sad, and I feel so sorry for him!

Bogey is more stubborn and determined than pretty much any human I know, and he's apparently made it his life's mission to escape the cone of shame. Follow along with his attempts (and stink-eyes) on his Instagram account, @bestofbogey. #FREEBOGEY

And if you have any tips for me....leave them in the comments, because I'm running out of ideas. Is this what parenting feels like? 

(P.S. Yes, he was watching ice dancing on the olympics on the TV in the picture up there. Every time it would come on, he'd stand right by the screen, staring, totally entranced by it. This dog kills me.) 

Kate Spade Surprise Sale

Kate Spade's fantastic "surprise sale" is back, and just in the nick of time for you to pick out something pretty to treat yourself with as a little Valentine's Day gift to you, from you! Go on, I won't tell. Shop my favorites from the sale above, and to see everything in the sale, click here.

PS: My beloved Frye boots are on sale at Nordstrom right now. They more or less never go on sale, and they're currently 20% off!

(Yes, I know, I'm a shopping enabler. My friends tell me I'm dangerous to their bank accounts. Oops.)

Peter Pilotto for Target

Target's legendary designer collaborations have crashed websites, driven eBay auctions of much-desired items with huge markups over retail, and provided the masses with access to big-name fashion designers. The retail giant's latest collaboration with Peter Pilotto is filled with bright, bold prints. I've shared a few of my favorites above, and you can shop the full collection here. Will you be picking anything up from this collection? I've got my eye on that black and white skirt!

What I Wore: Sunday Sunset

dress: h+m | shoes: express (similar) | purse: michael kors selma | blazer: c/o aritzia (similar) | necklace: catbird | bracelet: catbird (similar) | watch: michael kors | sunglasses: target 

Every Sunday, Brett, Bogey, and I take a little stroll down to the water to watch the gorgeous ocean sunsets. It's the perfect way to end our week, and puts us all in a great mood for the next! 

Waterlogue App

Have you tried the new Waterlogue app for iPhone yet? It takes your regular photos and "paints" them into watercolor paintings! I downloaded it a couple days ago, and have had a blast trying it out on different photos. You can download it here. Happy painting! 

Love is in the Air

I can't believe that Valentine's Day is already next week! January flew by so fast. I love Valentine's Day. I mean, what is there to not like about a day celebrating love, right? Whether you're spending the day with girlfriends or the guy in your life, I think any of these items would be perfect little treats to gift yourself with!

Happy Birthday, Bogey

(that sprinkles "pup"cake was pretty delicious!) 

Today is Bogey's first birthday! To be totally honest, pre-Bogey, I wasn't much of a dog person, and didn't really understand people being obsessed with their dogs. One year later, I had a hard time narrowing down the 80 photos I originally set aside for this post, and believe me, there are hundreds more where these came from!

I really can't express in words how much Brett and I love Bogey. In the last year, we've had so many major changes in our lives, from Brett graduating law school, studying for (and passing!) the California bar exam, to beginning work and working crazy hours. Additionally, we moved across the country, and have totally started over in a new-to-us place, with all new friends. I can't imagine going through the last year without Bogey. He kept me company while Brett's worked, comforted us both when we were stressed or sad, cuddled with me when my back pain was really bad, and made us laugh countless times. It all hasn't been a garden of roses with Mr. Bogey, and he has definitely taught me to be more patient!

All of that said, the best thing Bogey has given Brett and I is absolute, unconditional love. There's something to be said for having someone that is always thrilled to see you (even when you were just in the other room!), excited about life, and who can always sense when you need a little extra boost on tough days. It's inspired me to try to be more like Bogey in those ways, which I realize sounds a little weird, but I really have learned so much from him about life.

I cannot imagine our family without Bogey, and I'm looking forward to many more birthdays with him! We're celebrating today with an early-morning beach trip, cupcakes from sprinkles, and a few new toys for the birthday boy!