Minted Christmas Card Review

minted christmas card review

I know what you're thinking: it's way too early to be thinking about Christmas and holiday cards. But...Christmas is less than eight weeks away, and if your schedule looks like mine, those next weeks are going to FLY by. This is the perfect time to get your cards ordered, so you still have time to enjoy the season. 

This year, I used Minted for our Christmas cards! I took timer + tripod photos of our little family on the beach, and even put a Christmas tree topper star on Bogey's head for a couple. (If there was any chance there was anyone left who didn't think I was a crazy dog lady, well, that just went out the window!)

Minted makes it super easy to order cards. If you use their little "Find it Fast" tool on the cards page, you can see exactly what your photo would look like in every card available, which makes it so much easier to quickly narrow things down! 

Additionally, and this is a biggie: Minted offers FREE recipient addressing. Yes, FREE. You can upload addresses from a spreadsheet, or input them into the system, and they come neatly addressed. This year, they've introduced "The World's Most Beautiful Envelope" and you can choose a design to have the addresses printed in, so they look all fancy! (You can see the design I chose in the photo.) I opted to also have my return address printed on the back, so all I have to do is stick the card in the envelope, stick it shut, and pop a stamp on it! Literally the easiest Christmas card experience ever, and they look SO much prettier than my sloppy scrawl usually does. 

Minted's paper is super thick, and I love that they have real gold foil designs, so this year, I picked one of those! The "love" line in our cards is stamped in gold foil, and it looks super luxe. This is the link to the cards I chose, but they have tons of options

I am seriously THRILLED with how they turned out- by far my favorite of any of our cards! 

minted christmas card review

This post is brought to you by Minted, but all opinions are my own- I'm obsessed with our cards and will have to sit on my hands to not send them before Thanksgiving! 


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