Minted Bridal Shower Invitations

Over the weekend, I threw a bridal shower for my best friend at my parents' home in Scottsdale! I'm so excited to share more pictures from the day later this week, but first, I wanted to share the invitations I sent out from Minted! I picked the "Glitter Everywhere" invites, and while they were originally designed as birthday party invites (the "Mrs." was designed to be a number), the fab designers at Minted helped me customize the invite, and I loved the way it turned out. (Just a note: the part that's covered up reads: "Let's shower her with love and wishes!") 

I had never used Minted invites for a party before, and I have to say, I was completely impressed with the quality, the design services, and the level of customization that was available. I loved that you could add the striped backing, and the Skinnywrap address labels really completed the package!

Additionally, and I didn't have the chance to use this service because I ordered the invitations before I had the shower guest list, Minted will address your invitations for FREE. I think it's an awesome way to speed up the process of putting together the invites, and they really do look so nice (and fancy!) custom-printed! 

This post was brought to you by Minted.


  1. Oh, those are so cute! I need to start exploring their offerings, think we might collaborate on Christmas cards. Great idea using birthday invites with MRS.!!