Ringly Smart Jewelry and Accessories

We've all been there: we know it's rude to have our phone out during dinner or other social engagements, but there are those times when we we're waiting for a call, or need to be available in case of an emergency. Ringly is a new product that aims to provide a more discreet (and polite!) way to ensure you know when that email from your boss comes through, or your babysitter calls, without checking your phone every three seconds. 

Ringly is a fashionable cocktail type ring with secret powers (ha!) hidden inside. Your Ringly hooks up with your smartphone via an app that allows you to set up different vibration modes for different people and alerts on your phone. When one of the people or apps on your list sends a text, email, call, or notification, your ring vibrates or discreetly lights up on the side, allowing you to step aside and answer your message! 

If you ask me, the concept is pretty brilliant. The rings are currently on pre-order at 25% off, and with the discount, are $145. They're made of semi-precious stones, and are gold plated. I'd love to give one a spin at some point and see how it works in real life! 

(This post is not sponsored, I was just really interested in this product and wanted to share!) 


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