Sneakers for Three Months

For the last several years, I've had some pretty bad chronic back pain after a cheerleading accident in college. Last week, I started seeing a new physical therapist to try some new ways to get the pain under control, and he has some new ideas that I'm excited about, because I think they new tactics could really help me, which is great! 

The not great news? One of those tactics is wearing tennis shoes, non-stop, for three months. Like, no  heels, no flip flops, at all, even for an hour. As a total "shoe girl," I'm bummed, but as someone who's dealt with pain for a long time, I realize my health is more important than my outfits. (Gasp.) I brought in a whole truckload of flats for the therapist to "approve," and I walked out with him only okaying these black ballet flats, and my Nikes. I'm allowed to wear my Converse or Toms for "special" occasions for a couple of hours (party over here!), and I just ordered these Birkenstock sandals that the doc also okayed. 

So where does this leave me? I've been scouring the web for inspiration for cute outfits with sneakers, and I'm loving how Sydney, Liz, and Julia styled their pairs above! So, help a girl out: seen any great outfits lately featuring sneakers? And please, bear with me if my shoe game is a little boring in my outfit posts for the next few months! 


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