Warby Parker At-Home Try On

Fillmore in Tennessee Whiskey 
Lyle in Plum Marblewood
Duckworth in Oak Barrel 
Ames in Whiskey Tortoise 
Sims in Striped Sassafras
You know the phrase the dog ate my homework? Well, while Bogey is a sweetheart and brings a lot of joy to my life, he is a puppy. While he's left my shoes alone (other than a strange penchant for old navy rubber flip flops), last week my dog ate my EYEGLASSES that were on the bathroom counter. Because that's a totally logical thing to eat if you're a dog, right?

Crazy Bogey aside, I clearly need to get my specs replaced, because I'm blind as a bat and can't wear my contacts 24/7. Fortunately, Warby Parker came to my rescue! I ordered five (prescription free) pairs last week to try on, received them a couple of days later, and have been debating which pair I like best in the comfort of my own home. (I'm taking extra-special precautions to make sure Bogey doesn't have the chance to swipe these pairs!) I'll be sending the sample glasses back to Warby Parker  (shipping is free both ways!) tomorrow, and will order a pair of the ones I like best with my prescription! The best part? Warby Parker's glasses, including prescriptions, are only $95, and they donate a pair to someone in need, too! 

The process is super easy, and while I loved all of the glasses I received, I think I've narrowed it down to the Lyle (I love the purple undertones!), Sims, and Duckworth. Since I'm not exactly the most decisive person on the planet, help me out, dear readers: which pair should I pick? 


  1. I was going to pick lyle!! So i'm glad its in your top few!