How To: Style a Coffee Table

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One of the latest additions to our home is this marble and gold West Elm coffee table that my (awesome!) parents gave us for Christmas! While I love and adore how the coffee table looks with nothing on it, it's always more interesting to style things up a bit, right? To me, the hard thing about an overly-styled coffee table, filled with books, tall flowers, sculptures, etc. (like the first photo in this post!) is that it doesn't exactly leave a lot of room for practical uses, like plates, drinks, and computers. (And yes, we eat at our coffee table sometimes.) 

All that said, here are my tips for a perfectly-styled coffee table: 

-Include something from nature, like flowers, or branches in a vase. However, if said coffee table is in  the line of view of the TV, be sure to keep the arrangement low. If you're a pet owner, be careful that the flowers or plants on the table aren't harmful to your animal, especially if it's within easy reach. For a full list of plants poisonous to pets, check out this list

-Candles are a great addition to create some ambiance, and add a subtle scent to the room. 

-Pair items in odd numbers for a well-designed look. 

-Include something entertaining for guests to look at, like a photo album or interesting coffee table book. 

-If you have a table on the small side, and would like to have things styled but easily removed so the table space can be freed up for dinner, group all of the items together on a tray, so you only have to move one item!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces of decor for coffee tables: 


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