Happy Birthday, Bogey

(that sprinkles "pup"cake was pretty delicious!) 

Today is Bogey's first birthday! To be totally honest, pre-Bogey, I wasn't much of a dog person, and didn't really understand people being obsessed with their dogs. One year later, I had a hard time narrowing down the 80 photos I originally set aside for this post, and believe me, there are hundreds more where these came from!

I really can't express in words how much Brett and I love Bogey. In the last year, we've had so many major changes in our lives, from Brett graduating law school, studying for (and passing!) the California bar exam, to beginning work and working crazy hours. Additionally, we moved across the country, and have totally started over in a new-to-us place, with all new friends. I can't imagine going through the last year without Bogey. He kept me company while Brett's worked, comforted us both when we were stressed or sad, cuddled with me when my back pain was really bad, and made us laugh countless times. It all hasn't been a garden of roses with Mr. Bogey, and he has definitely taught me to be more patient!

All of that said, the best thing Bogey has given Brett and I is absolute, unconditional love. There's something to be said for having someone that is always thrilled to see you (even when you were just in the other room!), excited about life, and who can always sense when you need a little extra boost on tough days. It's inspired me to try to be more like Bogey in those ways, which I realize sounds a little weird, but I really have learned so much from him about life.

I cannot imagine our family without Bogey, and I'm looking forward to many more birthdays with him! We're celebrating today with an early-morning beach trip, cupcakes from sprinkles, and a few new toys for the birthday boy!


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