It's been a rough week for Mr. Bogey. He got neutered a week ago, and while he's healing just fine, he's being subjected to the cone of shame.  We're one week down, and have another whole week to go, per our vet's instructions. Did I mention we're on our third cone of shame? He's managed to escape and/or break the first two (hmm, using the cone as a battering ram was probably not what the cone was designed for, bud) plus a fabric contraption we rigged up to give him some cone-free time. He looks so sad and/or mad, which makes me sad, and I feel so sorry for him!

Bogey is more stubborn and determined than pretty much any human I know, and he's apparently made it his life's mission to escape the cone of shame. Follow along with his attempts (and stink-eyes) on his Instagram account, @bestofbogey. #FREEBOGEY

And if you have any tips for me....leave them in the comments, because I'm running out of ideas. Is this what parenting feels like? 

(P.S. Yes, he was watching ice dancing on the olympics on the TV in the picture up there. Every time it would come on, he'd stand right by the screen, staring, totally entranced by it. This dog kills me.) 


  1. Poor little guy! The cone of shame is the worst. Our Golden freezes whenever he's stuck in one, so we have to position him on his dog bed before we put it on, otherwise he'd be stuck in statue pose in the middle of a random room.To ease his pain - you should definitely treat him with a box of Frosty Paws Tomorrow IS Valentine's Day, after all...

    Good luck!