Perfect Pillows

neutral throw pillows

1st: 1/2/3 /// 2nd: 1/2 /// 3rd: 1/2/3 /// 4th: 1/2/3

I've been on the hunt for the perfect throw pillows since we moved in to our new place, and if you haven't gathered by looking at the above options, I've kind of developed an unofficial color scheme. Lately, I've been really into white, gray, gold, black, and tan, which I find both peaceful and very classic, and it keeps things from being overly girly. After all, my guy lives here, too, and so I try to keep the pink contained to my wardrobe! I wound up going with this one and this one, and I love them both. I may add a third, but I'm having a hard time picking a third one from the options above- too many good ones to choose from! 


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