Best of: Small Closet Organization

Today's topic is a bit of a bore, but so necessary for everyone: how to make the most out of a teeny-tiny closet. I'll start this by saying that I love our apartment, it gets great natural light, we have a backyard, great neighbors, and all of that kind of stuff. What I don't love? Our (shared) clothes closet is super small. I've been spoiled in the past by large walk-in closets, so this has been a bit of an adjustment for me! I thought I'd share a few of the products that have saved my sanity over the past few months. 

First up, the best thing you can do when you're faced with a too-small closet: edit your wardrobe. Seriously, go through your closet, and donate anything you no longer wear. I realize this is easier said than done, though. Next, make sure you're utilizing your dresser in the best way possible, and under-bed storage is always an option for out-of-season clothes. 

I previously used, and loved, hanging shoe racks like this one. Since hanging space is at a premium, I switched to using this standing rack, which sits in the corner of our room. While I wasn't crazy about having my shoes on a rack outside the closet for aesthetic reasons, it's hardly noticeable when the door to our room is open, and much more functional with our current setup.

Since I'm not using the floor of our closet for a floor shoe rack, I have room to squeeze in our laundry baskets, as well as a set of plastic drawers that we keep scarves, gloves, hats, and all of Brett's ties in, which has worked out extremely well for us, and the shallow drawers make it easy to find whatever we're looking for. 

These stacking jewelry trays don't actually go in my closet, but help keep all of my jewelry perfectly organized in my dresser drawer. Since purchasing these, I've found myself wearing so much more jewelry, because I can actually see it! Imagine that. 

In addition to the jewelry trays, this hanging jewelry storage takes up so little space in the closet, and is perfect for corralling my bigger pieces of jewelry, like cuff bracelets, as well as a sewing kit, and other little "closet essentials." 

The top clear drawer dividers divide up my makeup collection into more manageable pieces: one for daily makeup, one for brushes, and one for "extra" makeup that I don't wear daily (like red lipstick and  dark eyeshadow), which seems to be a great system for me, and makes it easier for me to take all of my makeup into the bedroom if I want to do my makeup in there, instead of the bathroom! 

Phew! If you made it this far, you get a medal! 

What are your favorite closet organization tips? 


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