Best of: The 2014 Grammy Awards

Taylor Swift in Gucci
Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend

Ciara in Pucci

Ahh, the Grammy Awards. Year after year, it seems like musically-talented celebs use Grammy night as an opportunity to out-weird each other. We've seen Britney and Justin in denim...outfits, J.Lo in practically nothing, and Lady Gaga in an egg situation that still confuses me. Honestly, for me, the Grammy red carpets aren't usually my favorite, mostly because I just love a pretty, well-styled dress, and that's not what the Grammy Awards are about.

All that said, these three ladies eschewed the typical Grammy "creativity" thing, and for that, I love them. Taylor, Chrissy, and Ciara, you win my adoration, love, and the three places on my best-dressed list!

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  1. Is ciara pregnant?

  2. Yes she is! Such a great maternity look, right?