Minted Christmas Card Review

minted christmas card review

I know what you're thinking: it's way too early to be thinking about Christmas and holiday cards. But...Christmas is less than eight weeks away, and if your schedule looks like mine, those next weeks are going to FLY by. This is the perfect time to get your cards ordered, so you still have time to enjoy the season. 

This year, I used Minted for our Christmas cards! I took timer + tripod photos of our little family on the beach, and even put a Christmas tree topper star on Bogey's head for a couple. (If there was any chance there was anyone left who didn't think I was a crazy dog lady, well, that just went out the window!)

Minted makes it super easy to order cards. If you use their little "Find it Fast" tool on the cards page, you can see exactly what your photo would look like in every card available, which makes it so much easier to quickly narrow things down! 

Additionally, and this is a biggie: Minted offers FREE recipient addressing. Yes, FREE. You can upload addresses from a spreadsheet, or input them into the system, and they come neatly addressed. This year, they've introduced "The World's Most Beautiful Envelope" and you can choose a design to have the addresses printed in, so they look all fancy! (You can see the design I chose in the photo.) I opted to also have my return address printed on the back, so all I have to do is stick the card in the envelope, stick it shut, and pop a stamp on it! Literally the easiest Christmas card experience ever, and they look SO much prettier than my sloppy scrawl usually does. 

Minted's paper is super thick, and I love that they have real gold foil designs, so this year, I picked one of those! The "love" line in our cards is stamped in gold foil, and it looks super luxe. This is the link to the cards I chose, but they have tons of options

I am seriously THRILLED with how they turned out- by far my favorite of any of our cards! 

minted christmas card review

This post is brought to you by Minted, but all opinions are my own- I'm obsessed with our cards and will have to sit on my hands to not send them before Thanksgiving! 

What I Wore: Gray Leopard Pants

You know when you find a new outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks? This is that outfit for me! I love the subtle leopard print of the pants, the loose fit of the crepe and silk T, and the bright blue hue of my new Rebecca Minkoff MAB tote!

You know when you find a new outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks? This is that outfit for me! I love the subtle leopard print of the pants, the loose fit of the crepe and silk T, and the bright blue hue of my new Rebecca Minkoff MAB tote!

Minted Party Decorations

I wanted to share a few more photos using the Minted party decor I ordered for my BFF's bridal shower (see the invites here). We tried this table setting out first, and ultimately decided to use white tablecloths for the shower because we thought it looked more "bridal" than the black table, but I absolutely loved this super-glam look, too! I think this would be a great set up for an intimate dinner party, or even a New Year's Eve party, and the all-black table makes the decor pop! You can shop all of the supplies for the party by clicking this link

This post was brought to you by Minted

Rent the Runway Review

I've already shared my full review of Rent the Runway, but I wanted to share the second of the two dresses I borrowed! I loved this Trina Turk option when I saw it online, and was even more obsessed with it in person! I think it would be the perfect dress for a wedding, or bachelorette party (which is what I had in mind when I rented it!), or really any special occasion.  I'll definitely be using Rent the Runway for special occasions in the future, and I already have a few dresses on my "hearts" list! 

This post is brought to you by Rent the Runway.

Purple Black and White Bridal Shower with Minted

   purple black and white bridal shower 
purple black and white bridal shower
purple black and white bridal shower
black and white bridal shower
purple black and white bridal shower
bridal shower game alternatives
purple black and white bridal shower
purple black and white bridal shower
purple black and white bridal shower
purple black and white bridal shower
donut tower dessert idea
purple black and white bridal shower

Over the weekend, I had the honor of throwing a bridal shower for my best friend at my parents' home in Scottsdale! I really wanted the day to be an extra-beautiful celebration of my friend. My mom and I decided to go with a black, white, purple, and gold-themed bridal shower, because they're the wedding colors, and they just so happen to be the color of my parents' decor! (Nice when things like that work out, right?) 

I always love Minted's bunting banners, and this one was extra-special once the photos of the happy couple were added! The table confetti gave a fun punch to simple white tablecloths and purple napkins added just enough color to keep the look bridal, but not boring. For favors, we sent guests home with decorated sugar cookies, sealed up with stickers that matched the rest of the party decor! 

At the bar, we served up mimosas, iced tea, and the shower's signature cocktail, my lavender champagne cocktail recipe. We used wine glass stem tags to keep guests' drinks straight, and left a note that explained how to make the cocktails in case anyone had questions! I also loved using this Studio Mucci garland over the bar for an additional festive touch! 

I've never been a fan of shower games, so as an alternative, I had cards printed up and made a sign asking guests to write a prayer or favorite Bible verse for the soon-to-be-newlyweds, and I put them all into a book for a keepsake for the bride and groom. 

For food, we served sandwiches, gluten-free pasta salad, fruit salad, caprese salad, and a green salad, and we labeled each item with a table tent identification card, which was super-helpful for people with food allergies. The real highlight of the food, though, was dessert! I knew I wanted to serve something unique, and since the shower was mid-morning, we created a donut tower, and accented it with flowers, which was a big hit! 

I think the shower was a smashing success, and I couldn't have pulled it off without help from my mom, sister, and the wonderful people over at Minted

This post was brought to you by Minted.

Rent the Runway Review

(I was realllly excited about my dress. And I'm just generally a little weird.)

Brett and I are attending three weddings within six weeks of each other this fall: Brett's a groomsman in two of them, and I'm the maid of honor in the third! It's going to be a crazy, yet fun, fall. 

When I started thinking through my wardrobe options, I realized something: I needed dresses for three rehearsal dinners, two weddings (the third I'll be wearing a bridesmaid dress, of course!) plus a dress for my BFF's shower (more photos from that tomorrow!) plus her bachelorette party! That brings the grand total of photo-worthy dresses needed up to SEVEN! While I'm all about an outfit repeat, I wanted to mix it up a bit with a couple new dresses without breaking the bank. 

Enter my friends at Rent the Runway. They offered to help me out and let me try out their rental services with two dresses to review (I'll be sharing the other soon!) for this past weekend, and I have to say, I was excited to try it out. 

My review of Rent the Runway: Basically, the premise of Rent the Runway is this: you get to "rent" a designer dress for 4 days at a fraction of the original cost, basically allowing you to have a special new dress for an occasion without breaking the bank. You just go to their site, select a dress (you can even create a wish list!) and set the day for it to arrive. My event was Saturday, I requested the dress to come Thursday, and I returned it first thing Monday morning in the included pre-paid UPS envelope. I picked out this gorgeous Nanette Lepore dress (that perfectly matched the bridal shower I threw!) and it fit like a glove! The dress rents for $50, but retails for $370, and it made me feel like a million bucks. RTR even has dresses for as low as $30, so it really works for any budget. 

All in all, I must say, I was impressed. I'll definitely be using Rent the Runway again in the future for special events, and the only hard part about the experience was sending the gorgeous dress back! If you click this link, you'll get $20 off your first rental! Have fun!

This post was brought to you by Rent the Runway.

Minted Bridal Shower Invitations

Over the weekend, I threw a bridal shower for my best friend at my parents' home in Scottsdale! I'm so excited to share more pictures from the day later this week, but first, I wanted to share the invitations I sent out from Minted! I picked the "Glitter Everywhere" invites, and while they were originally designed as birthday party invites (the "Mrs." was designed to be a number), the fab designers at Minted helped me customize the invite, and I loved the way it turned out. (Just a note: the part that's covered up reads: "Let's shower her with love and wishes!") 

I had never used Minted invites for a party before, and I have to say, I was completely impressed with the quality, the design services, and the level of customization that was available. I loved that you could add the striped backing, and the Skinnywrap address labels really completed the package!

Additionally, and I didn't have the chance to use this service because I ordered the invitations before I had the shower guest list, Minted will address your invitations for FREE. I think it's an awesome way to speed up the process of putting together the invites, and they really do look so nice (and fancy!) custom-printed! 

This post was brought to you by Minted.

Ringly Smart Jewelry and Accessories

We've all been there: we know it's rude to have our phone out during dinner or other social engagements, but there are those times when we we're waiting for a call, or need to be available in case of an emergency. Ringly is a new product that aims to provide a more discreet (and polite!) way to ensure you know when that email from your boss comes through, or your babysitter calls, without checking your phone every three seconds. 

Ringly is a fashionable cocktail type ring with secret powers (ha!) hidden inside. Your Ringly hooks up with your smartphone via an app that allows you to set up different vibration modes for different people and alerts on your phone. When one of the people or apps on your list sends a text, email, call, or notification, your ring vibrates or discreetly lights up on the side, allowing you to step aside and answer your message! 

If you ask me, the concept is pretty brilliant. The rings are currently on pre-order at 25% off, and with the discount, are $145. They're made of semi-precious stones, and are gold plated. I'd love to give one a spin at some point and see how it works in real life! 

(This post is not sponsored, I was just really interested in this product and wanted to share!) 

What I Wore: Madewell Sunstitch Dress

dress: madewell | glasses: ray-ban | bracelet (left) c/o gorjana (right) c/o outrage fashion | bag: michael kors selma in navy | shoes: birkenstock yara sandals 

This outfit quickly became my favorite summer go-to, to the point where my friends probably think I only own one dress. It's been perfect for lunch dates, a bridal shower, Fourth of July festivities and a trip to the races in Del Mar! 

Isaac Mizrahi's Home in Architectural Digest

Isaac Mizrahi's Home in Architectural Digest
Isaac Mizrahi's Home in Architectural Digest
Isaac Mizrahi's Home in Architectural Digest
Isaac Mizrahi's Home in Architectural Digest
Isaac Mizrahi's Home in Architectural Digest
Isaac Mizrahi's Home in Architectural Digest

It seems natural that fashion designers would have homes equally as beautiful as the clothes they design, and Isaac Mizrahi's home doesn't disappoint! He combined three separate apartments to form the home he now shares with his husband Arnold Germer, and every one of the photos from Architectural Digest is gorgeous. (I'm especially envious of that bathroom!) See all of the photos here.

What I Wore: Tribal Print Romper

romper: bohemia | shoes: birkenstock yara | jacket: gap | necklace: kendra scott | sunglasses: ray-ban

I was grabbing a quick dinner the other night at a little neighborhood spot, and spied this tribal print romper for a mere $29 in the window of the shop next door. I immediately went inside, tried it on, and purchased it. I kind of surprised myself in doing so...because it's not what I'd typically wear, but I love it all the same. It's been perfect for the super humid weather we've been having lately!

Guest Post on Glitter, Inc.

Happy Tuesday! I'm guest posting over on Glitter, Inc., while my blogging buddy Lexi is taking maternity leave! I'm demystifying wedding dress codes, explaining what you should wear to a summer wedding, and sharing some perfect wedding ensembles! Check out the post on Glitter, Inc.

What's In My Beach Bag

It's beach season, yay! I'm a lucky girl: I live four blocks from the beach, so I get to go on a regular basis year round, so I thought I'd share my beach bag packing expertise, since, at this point, I have it down to a science! My latest addition to my bag is my SandCloud towel- the guys behind the towel just started a Kickstarter campaign, and were nice enough to send me one to try out! The thing that makes this thin Turkish-style towel different is that is has a pillow at the top! Totally ingenious, and makes my favorite beach activity, reading, so much more comfortable! I love that the terry cloth-free towel shakes off easily, meaning less sand in my car and home, too. You can purchase one of the towels through their Kickstarter here

I'm fastidious about sun protection every day, but especially at the beach, so an oversize hat, my new favorite Ray-Ban sunglasses, and high SPF sunscreen are key. (This Neutrogena version is the best I've found, since it dries quickly, isn't greasy, and has never made me break out.) Just remember, you should apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before you head into the sun, and at least every two hours after that, more frequently if you're swimming. Obviously, my usual bikini goes on before I head to the sand, too! While I love a wide range of books, the beach is the perfect place to catch up on some good old-fashioned chick lit, and right now I'm loving Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes. I pack up all of these goodies in my Kate Spade Saturday tote, which is unfortunately sold out, but I love this version, too! 

What's in your beach bag? 

Disclosure: The SandCloud towel and Kate Spade tote were both gifted items from the companies.

What I Wore: The Home T Tank

jacket: gap | jeans: gap | glasses: ray-ban | tank: the home t 

Brett and I have lived in California now for about nine months, and it officially feels like home. To celebrate my new home state, my buddy Ryan sent me one of The Home T's brand new tanks! I love the relaxed fit (definitely size down!), super soft fabric, and the fact that all of The Home T products are made in the USA and a portion of proceeds benefits multiple sclerosis research!