Best of the Bar: Bar Cart Styling Inspiration

I've wanted a bar cart since I was 12. I recognize that that sounds very strange, but I remember seeing one for the first time on Gilmore Girls, in Richard and Emily's living room. My longing to own one of my own has only grown over the years, and pretty much everyone I know knows I want one. But, I wanted it to be vintage, in great condition, gold, and perfect. What can I say? I'm picky.

All that said, my in-laws visited over the weekend, and we decided we'd celebrate Christmas early with them in case Brett and I couldn't make it back to Scottsdale next week. You can imagine my surprise when I walked into my living room, with "emergency" cheese and crackers that I "had" to stop on the way home for, and saw my in-laws, and this:

Vintage, gold, and perfect. Seriously, my mother-in-law (Thank you, Julie!)  found the Holy Grail of bar carts, and I get giddy every time I see it. I absolutely adore it, and I've been garnering some bar cart styling inspiration from around the web since Sunday. Fully stocking the bar cart may take some time, but it's so fun to play around with the styling of it! Here are a few of my inspiration photos:

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