A Very Merry Weekend

This weekend was the best. It was filled with lots of festive Christmas fun, great friends, both new and old, and time with Brett and Bogey. I wanted to share a few photos of all the merrymaking here on the blog!
Our wreath and tree, with a very exciting ornament addition- scales of justice for Brett, who found out he passed the California bar recently! He gets sworn in in a week, and I couldn't be more proud. 
On Friday, we hosted an Ugly Christmas Sweater party, and I couldn't resist adding some sequins, leather leggings, and red shoes to my "ugly" sweater look.
And on Sunday, we went to the annual Corona del Mar Christmas Walk with our friends, which was a blast. All of the little shops and restaurants in our neighborhood have booths for food, shopping, and live music lining the sidewalk.
And by the end of the weekend, Bogey was so exhausted from the excitement of the weekend that he fell asleep sitting up with his face on the couch. 
I hope your weekend was very merry, too!


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