Gift Guide 2013: For the Pets

In the last six months or so, I've morphed into a full-on "crazy dog lady" type, thanks to Bogey, so it should come as no surprise that I'm kicking off my 2013 holiday gift guide with the perfect presents for your puppy. I can't pick a favorite- the lucite dog bed, the puppy uppers treat canister from Jonathan Adler (I also love this super-cute and more reasonably priced canister from C.Wonder), or the "mom tattoo" dog sweater, everything is just way too cute. I don't really know much about cats, but I couldn't help including this hysterical cat tipi house. And since you don't want your pet left out when it comes time to open stocking gifts...this is perfect!

If your pet is the more selfless type (and aren't they all?), consider making a donation to the ASPCA or another rescue organization to help another pet-friend have a happy holiday season, too. 


  1. OMG - love this! One of my best friends has the cutest French bulldog and I always have to give her something puppy-ish for him for Christmas. I love the dog biscuit can and the teepee.