The New Domino Magazine

I'm about to admit something that might make me an outcast in blogger circles: I never read Domino Magazine in its heyday. Nope, not one issue. I didn't really become interested in interiors until it was out of print, but I have pored over old scans and photos on my favorite blogs once I did develop a love of great spaces that rivaled my adoration of the perfect pair of shoes. 

I was always a little bummed that I didn't have back issues stashed away in my closet, when the need for inspiration struck, but this week, Domino Magazine re-launched, with a gorgeous website that's completely shoppable (a dangerous feature with our recent move across the country and subsequent new space to decorate!) and filled to the brim with inspirational domains. My two favorite features so far are pictured above; a look into Lucky Magazine's EIC Eva Chen's new office, which is as bright and friendly as the social media maven is on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, and colorist-to-the-stars Rita Hazan's NYC pad that was designed by Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, which is basically my dream home, and is providing some much-needed inspiration for our bedroom color scheme. 

I totally get what everyone's been talking about. Go, see for yourself at


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