We're Moving!

I'm so excited to finally share that Brett, Bogey, and I are moving to Newport Beach, California! We've loved our time here in Charlottesville, and all three of us will miss it (and all of our friends!) terribly, but we're so excited for this new chapter of our lives, and to be back on the west coast, closer to our families, and on the beach! Brett takes the bar exam in three weeks, and starts work in October, so we're planning on spending some time traveling and with our families before we officially settle in to our new hometown.
In the meantime, Bogey is practicing his sunglasses-wearing skills, so he's ready for the beach, and "helping" me with all of our packing. (Also known as picking up anything within his reach and running away and hiding with it.)
And not to worry, I'll be bringing best of BKLYN to California, too! Thank you all for reading, and sharing my excitement about the next chapter of our lives!


  1. This is so exciting! And good luck to Brett on the bar!

  2. Congratulations! What wonderful news. I've got the west coast bug right now - your post makes me wonder if I'll be writing something similar soon! Eep