Life Lately

flying to phoenix for the week
 mexican and margs with alyson from the average girl's guide
celebrating the royal baby with sprinkles cupcakes
this wine bar is in the charlotte airport. yes, the airport. color me impressed.
meanwhile, back at the ranch, bogey's charmed brett into letting him sit on the couch while I'm gone. when the cat's away, the boys will play? 

Please excuse my light posting schedule over the last couple of weeks! Things have been just a little crazy in my real, non-blogger life, trying to get ready for our move! I'm visiting Scottsdale right now to spend a little time with my family and friends before Brett and I go to California next week for him to take the bar exam (cue dramatic music here). It's crazy to think that I have less than 36 hours back in Charlottesville (in a couple weeks) to finalize our move! Big changes ahead- I hope you'll stay along for the ride, and thank you for understanding when my posting gets a little sporadic sometimes!


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