It's Finally Friday

It's been a rough week in America. And with a manhunt going on today, it still seems a bit weird for a Pin and a Spin post, so I'm sharing photos of sweet Bogey instead. His little face has brightened my week so much, and I wanted to share that with you- hope he puts a little smile on your face for a minute, at least. And it made me happy for the folks in Boston when I saw they brought a few grown-up Bogeys to comfort the people there. 

If you'd like to donate to support victims of the Boston Marathon, you can do so here
And if you'd like to support the victims of the West, Texas explosion by donating blood or financially, you can go to the Red Cross site here


  1. Thanks for this heart-warming post. And I love the idea of grown-up-Bogey comfort dogs arriving to help in Boston. I'm thinking of you all in Boston, in Texas and in the entire U.S. - you're all in the thoughts of international readers like me. Love from Australia.