With the bombings that happened yesterday at the Boston Marathon, it just seems a little too frivolous to be posting about shoes and stuff, so I'm not going to do my regular kind of post today. 

It breaks my heart to see so many people hurt doing something they love, and families losing children, and knowing that the kind of people that do these horrible things are in this world makes me lose hope in humanity a little bit. But then you hear stories of people who have run 25 miles, running on to a hospital to donate blood, or trying to give assistance however they possibly can, whether that is the shirt off their back, or a place for people stranded to stay. I love that we live in a country that pulls together when stuff gets bad, and it does restore that faith in the people around me, even though that doesn't change the fact that people's lives were lost and forever changed yesterday. Right now, I'm just praying for those who lost loved ones, the people fighting for their lives in the hospital, and our nation's leaders, military members that do everything they can to protect our country, day in and day out, and law enforcement officials that are trying to figure out what happened and lead us all through this tough time.


  1. Even through all the posts about Boston each one reminds me that there are caring, generous, thoughtful people out there. People who would help if they could. People who truly hurt for others. It gives me hope for the world.

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