Have a Great Weekend!

I can't believe it's already March- time has really flown by this year. Honestly, this year so far hasn't been the greatest for me- I've been having some pesky health issues that just won't quit, (hence my lighter-than usual posting schedule) but I feel like March will be the month that I'll be able to get back in the game and really enjoy life again.

No Pin and a Spin this week- I wasn't feeling very inspired by anything I saw on Pinterest this week, and we're in that weird season where it's still cold, but stores aren't carrying cold-weather clothes anymore.

In happier news, I found a few things around the web this week that I loved...

-Lauren's blog redesign is live, and it is gorgeous. Go check it out.

-I think everyone in America fell in love with Jennifer Lawrence this week after her embarassing Oscar fall up the stairs (such a relief to see that I'm not the only person who falls going UP stairs) and her hilariously graceful reaction to it. I loved her hair at the ceremony, too- if you want to re-create it for your next big event, check out this video tutorial.

-Alyson's "Vent Sesh" on social media left me saying "Yes, I completely agree." It's a must-read, and so on-point in our overly plugged in lives.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Honestly, Jennifer Lawrence's fall couldn't have made me love her more. She seemed so normal–mainly because I would DEFINITELY fall walking in a dress like that.