Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Men Under $100

men's valentine's day gift ideas

Valentine's Day gifts for guys are always a little tricky- even though Valentine's day is kind of a "girly" holiday (red and pink hearts!) I always try to keep in mind that the gifts for the guys in our lives can still be manly men gifts! If your guy is looking to upgrade his style a bit, the book A Gentleman Gets Dressed Up is a great guide for gently guiding guys in the right sartorial direction. I'm loving this laptop bag for hauling his computer and papers back and forth to the office each day, and the jack-shaped paperweight is a fun desktop piece. This tie clip will make him look extra polished, and I love this iPhone cover's unexpected wood-grain look. I shared my love of Warby Parker a couple weeks back, and I love their shades for guys, too! For less sunny days, this umbrella is a tasteful splurge that he'd probably never buy himself. If likes his beverages, the Jack Spade thermos is a great upgrade to a boring travel mug, and for his adult beverages, this flask is a major step up from his college one, while the whiskey rocks will chill his drink without watering it down. 


  1. Love this article! I legit want them all! Great post! :)

  2. I actually got my boyfriend that flask for Christmas and he loves it!