Valentine's Day Card (Free Printable!)

free valentine's day card printable

I know Valentine's Day is usually all about romantic relationships, but I'm lucky enough to have friends in my life that I also love! This year I decided to send a few of my girlfriends little Valentine's Day cards, and if you'd like to do the same, I've uploaded the files so you can have a free printable version of my cards! I designed them and uploaded them to Zazzle, since my home printer can be a bit finicky, but if you'd like to print yours at home, I've saved them in two versions- one as a single 5"x7" card, and one that will print two cards on a typical 8.5"x11" piece of paper/cardstock. I dressed mine up with some glitter, (and added a disclaimer on the envelopes, to hopefully avoid glittering everything in my friends' homes!) washi tape, and LOVE stamps designed by Jessica Hische (thanks to Katelyn, who gave me a heads up on these!). 


  1. i love making valentines day cards! so cute.