Madewell Spring Dresses: The Wardrobe Dream Team

madewell spring dresses

I generally consider myself a pretty equal-opportunity shopper. If you look in my closet, you'll find a good mix of labels, from brands like H+M, Gap, Zara, with a smattering of more high-end pieces mixed in. I don't usually LOVE every single item from a store at any given moment, and I'm totally okay with that- the hunt is part of the thrill. 

All of that changed when I saw Madewell's new spring dresses. I literally want every single one, and I think they'd be perfect for the brunches, showers, and daytime weddings that seem to be synonymous with spring. And if you work in a more "creative" field, you could even make some of them work for the office! I'm thinking I may have to save my pennies and splurge on one! 

Which ones are your favorite? (If I had to pick, the top two would be my first choices, followed by the second row on the left.) What would make up your spring wardrobe dream team