Warby Parker Sunglasses

I've long loved Warby Parker's aesthetic and business model: you buy a pair of stylish specs from them for $95 (yes, that includes lightweight lenses, and even includes high-prescription lenses if you're blind as a bat!) and they donate a second pair to an individual in need. Kind of a win-win situation, since most glasses you buy in brick and mortar stores are ridiculously priced, and Warby Parker will send you five pairs of glasses to try on at home to try on before you commit to the real-deal prescription pair. I ordered a pair a couple years ago, and love the classic tortoiseshell frames, and the customer service was truly outstanding. 

Warby Parker has had sunglasses for a little while now, but I recently checked their site out, and man, was I impressed! They have lots of options for frame styles, and most frames come in a variety of colors, which I love. Their styles range from the classic Winston, to the funky Everett (pictured here in the "bellini" shade- love that name!), to the ultra-glam Mabel, which is my personal favorite. The shades are priced at a super-reasonable $95, and again, Warby Parker will send a pair of eyeglasses to an individual in need. The try-on at home program is available for the sunglasses, as well! If you need prescription sunnies, they're $150, which is a great deal, as far as rX sunglasses go. The lenses are all polarized, which is extra-important to protect your peepers, and remember, even though it's gray outside, protect your eyes with sunglasses, since the sun's rays are still there, even when it's not sunny. 

Head over to Warby Parker to check out the rest of the collection, and heads up, they have both eye and sunglasses for the man in your life, too! 


  1. actually have five eyeglasses at my house from them... love at the at-home testing! Great finds for so affordable.

  2. the little things blogJanuary 24, 2013 at 5:54 PM

    i used to be a warby parker lover, still am i just am on my back up pair for now. great blog! coming over from the alt class

  3. Fox&Arrow DesignJanuary 24, 2013 at 6:52 PM

    Ahhh! So love the last ones!
    I found you through the alt summit passionfruit ads class and would love to get in touch with you. Do you have an email I can write to?

  4. Have fun picking- such a fun process, and yes, such a steal for glasses.