The Best of the Best: Brookelyn's Favorite Things

I'm so excited to share the second post in my new series with you today! If you haven't figured this out yet by the name of my blog, I'm kind of obsessed with dedicated to finding the best of the best of different products, no matter the "type" of product- from home goods, to stationery, to the best mascara you'll ever try. And once I find those things, I tend to be very product-loyal. An example: I've worn the same kind of mascara since I was 17. I decided to start a new weekly column to highlight some of my very favorite things with you, because what fun is finding the best of the best when you don't share the details?! 

best concealer for dark circles

Most of us (Gisele, Heidi, and Miranda not included- lucky girls!) have at least one beauty woe that we'd like to disguise with  a touch of makeup. Mine has always been dark circles under my eyes. Benefit Erase Paste concealer is, hands down, the best undereye concealer I've tried. The creamy consistency ensures it stays put, the hyper-pigmented formula covers any darkness, and little shimmer particles help brighten by reflecting light to stop any additional shadows. At $26, it's not exactly cheap, but I will attest that a little tiny pot will last you months and months. Buy it at Sephora or Ulta- believe me, you'll be glad you did!


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