Resolution: Get Fit

Whether you're starting a new workout regimen or just getting back into your fitness groove after the holidays, a cute workout outfit is great motivation to hit the gym. I think it's important to feel confident at the gym, so you look and feel great, but I don't like spending a ton of money on workout clothes- I'd rather have more money to spend on "real" clothes. I've tested everything above, except the earbuds, and I can honestly say that the target workout tops and sports bras are a great buy for the money- I have ones from last Christmas that I wash and wear every week that look as good as they did when I first got them! The gap workout pants go on sale all the time, which makes them even more of a bargain. Personally, I'll always splurge on good workout shoes- your knees, ankles, and back will thank you! And if you're trying to watch what you eat, the Lose It! app is a super easy way to track calories and workouts, too.


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