Best Of: The Land of Nod

land of nod, desk lamps

I don't have any kiddos, so I don't often find myself perusing children's furniture sites. But on a recent hunt for a desk lamp, I decided to check out The Land of Nod, Crate and Barrel and CB2's sister site that's just for kids. Needless to say, I was floored when I found the four lighting fixtures above on the site- while definitely kid friendly, they're chic enough to put anywhere in the home, even if you don't have little ones of your own. Personally, I'm loving the two gold options- which are your favorites? 


  1. I love Land of Nod! We got several Christmas ornaments from them this year. I wouldn't have thought to look there, but it's nice to have another go-to source for great decor at pretty reasonable prices!

  2. I randomly wound up on the Land of Nod site one day and I was surprised at some of the items! They definitely surprised me. I love the first lamp!