The Ultimate Holiday Party Dress Guide

There are bound to be a bunch of parties on your social calendar between now and the new year. Whether it's a work Christmas party, a cocktail party, New Year's Eve, or a full out formal party, I've compiled the ultimate guide of what to wear, where! 

For a work party, stick with a semi-conservative dress- you don't have to be boring, but please don't wear a mini or show cleavage...not the time or place. Jazz up the look with fun accessories! 

more work party dresses (click out of google reader to see them all!) 

sequin dress, blue shoes, kate spade, bauble bar

For holiday cocktail parties, I like to step up my game a little bit. Wear an embellished cocktail dress or one in a bold color, throw on your favorite shoes, and rock a red lip. 

more cocktail party dresses 

what to wear to a formal party, formal dress, gown, purple dress, kate spade

There are few occasions where it's appropriate to really go all-out with your outfit, but a formal party during the holiday season is definitely one of them. Buy a formal gown that makes you feel amazing, and accessorize with classic evening accessories.

more evening gowns 

more holiday dressy shoes 

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  1. All the glitter and sparkle! I just love it. I especially like your cocktail party look.

  2. That gold sequin dress is stunning! I would love to own that dress and to have a fancy party to wear it to!

  3. I love that sparkly Cocktail Party look!
    xo Josie