How to Stay Healthy When You're Busy

While I'm on vacation, I've asked a few blogger friends to fill in for me while I'm gone! Today's guest poster is Ashley, an IRL friend from college who has now turned in to a  blogger friend! She brings her certified personal training know-how and passion for nutritious eating to her readers over at her healthy living blog, My Food 'N' Fitness Diaries. Check out her post, and be sure to stop by her blog! Thanks for filling in for me, Ashley

Hi there Best of Bklyn readers! I’m Ashley from over at My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries, and I am honored to fill in for Brookelyn while she’s gone for a bit!

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Me and my husband! 
My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries is no fashion blog by any means, but Brookelyn thought it’d be fun to change things up a little over here so I’m going to share some of my healthy living shenanigans with you today! 

I think we can all relate to being pretty busy while trying to balance family, friends, work, bills, home life, health, school, you name it! Life can get a little crazy at times. Needless to say, it can be a challenge to fit it all in. I often notice one of the first things that falls to the wayside when life gets busy is our health. We don’t fit in exercise like we should and we stop through the fast food drive-thru a few too many times. Our health should really be one of our first priorities, so I’ve come up with several tips to help you out when life gets a little crazy! 

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  • Set aside time on the weekend to prepare easy-to-make healthy meal and snack options. This could mean chopping veggies, boiling a dozen eggs, cooking and freezing meals, making homemade trail mix, etc. The possibilities are endless! 
  • Start your week off with a stocked refrigerator full of fresh produce, healthy snacks, and on-the-go options. I make it a priority to get to the grocery store once a week to ensure that we have a refrigerator and pantry stocked full of healthy options. 
  • Make eating out a “special occasion” – not a regular occurrence. It’s easy to slip up (diet wise and budget wise!) when you’re out at a restaurant. The portion sizes are often way too large and there’s many unhealthy options right at your fingertips.
  • Pack your lunch. Use those snack options you prepared ahead of time to make yourself an easy and healthy lunch to take to work/school each day. 
  • Always have an extra healthy snack on hand “just in case."  I almost always have a Larabar or nuts in my purse in case an unexpected episode of hunger strikes. It’s much better than grabbing those chips from the vending machine! 
  • Schedule your workouts on your calendar. If you don’t have a calendar or day planner, get one or make one. Pencil in your workouts just like they are an hour long mandatory work meeting. It doesn’t have to be every day – just three times a week makes a difference! 
  • Walk when you can. Walking is so often underestimated! Walk (or ride your bike!) instead of drive, park your car far away so you have to walk longer, take the stairs, go on a short walk during your work breaks, etc. It all adds up!
  •  Be creative with your exercise! Don’t get thrown into the belief that you have to get to the gym for at least an hour for a workout to “count”. Do some jumping jacks in your cubicle, pump out some push ups on your lunch break, spend quality time with family or friends on a morning/evening walk, you name it! 
  • Make sleep a priority. I think sleep is another thing that is one of the first things to go out the window when our schedules get busy. Sleep is also one of the biggest reasons we fall into our sugar cravings and skip out on our workouts. Get enough sleep! It’s such a simple thing that does wonders. 
I hope you’ll come visit me over at My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries for more of my healthy living tips and daily adventures in food and fitness! Thank you for having me, Brookelyn!

Thanks again, Ashley!


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