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While I'm on vacation, I've asked a few of my favorite bloggers to step in for me while I'm away. First up is Courtney from Make Them Swoon, who is one of my real-life BFFs. Courtney's a new blogger, and I helped her design and set up her site recently, so be sure to stop by her blog! 

Hello Best of Bklyn readers!  I’m Courtney and you can usually hang out with me over at Make Them Swoon. I tell tales of my crazy DIY Husband, our two furry friends, and anything else ridiculous that happens in my life (we’re not your average family). Brookelyn always has great DIY projects, and I even made a version of her pumpkins myself. Today, I wanted to share a little DIY project that will help keep you organized! 

Normally, my husband is the builder/creator of our  family. But every once in a while, I can do something he can’t. Something like a project that calls for anal, detail oriented people with good handwriting. 

Enter my need for a new project: Courtney has a job again and needs to get her house organized! 

For step one of my total house organization, I decided I wanted something fun that would help Shawn and I coordinate our dinners throughout the week. After perusing Pinterest (duh) I found the perfect solution.

I found this mirror at Goodwill for $9.99. Dear Goodwill, you are my friend.

DIY Chalkboard Menu

Lucky for me, we have worked with chalkboard paint before and had some on hand. This is the brand we used and you can get it at Lowe's. I picked up your basic red spray paint for the frame. 
best chalkboard paint

Here’s the easiest way to turn this mirror into your Weekly Menu/Fancy Decoration! 

  • Disassemble the mirror. 
  • Clean the mirror really well. No seriously. Clean it real good. 
  • Depending on whether you use spray paint or roll on paint (they sell both paints you'll need for the project in both forms) you are going to need several coats. I used roll on paint for the glass, and spray paint for the frame. 
  • I would roll, roll, roll, run outside and spray, spray, spray. Quite the system. 
  • Once you’ve put about 3 coats on the glass, and 2 on the frame, you sit patiently and wait. Put on this song. It’s great. 
  • Carefully reassemble mirror with screw driver (I know, I know. I’m a big deal.) 
DIY Chalkboard Menu
  • Now here is the tricky part – you have to be VERY careful when writing on your new chalkboard. Do not press too hard with the chalk. Less is more, people. 
  • All done! You're welcome! 

DIY Chalkboard Menu

Thanks again, Courtney!


  1. What a great idea, Courtney! This is such a good way to keep things organized.
    xo Josie