Creative Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece Ideas

Thanksgiving centerpieces tend to be similar to the day itself- traditional. While I'd never dream of messing with my aunt's awesome mashed potatoes and my mom's broccoli dish, the Thanksgiving centerpiece is a fun way to mix things up each year. While I'm not hosting Thanksgiving this year, I still wanted to share a few creative Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas with you. My personal tastes are decidedly more modern, and I think each of these Thanksgiving tablescapes are a fresh take on seasonal classics. 

creative thanksgiving centerpiece
Place cranberries and tealights in a glass tray- simple and stunning. 

creative thanksgiving centerpiece, pumpkin centerpiece, black and white thanksgiving centerpiece
White pumpkins, letter decals, and cake stands make this pumpkin-centric centerpiece stand apart from the rest.

modern thanksgiving centerpiece, mercury glass
Mercury glass and metallic pumpkins make for a very modern, sophisticated centerpiece.

creative thanksgiving centerpiece, simple centerpiece, candle centerpiece
I love these tall taper candles in various glass candlesticks- an unexpected twist on classic candle placement.

creative thanksgiving centerpiece, martha stewart centerpiece
Grapes aren't usually associated with Thanksgiving, but the deep berry hues are perfect for a Thanksgiving day tablescape. 

martha stewart thanksgiving centerpiece
These copper leaf gourds (click here for the how-to) are simply stunning. Plus, you'll amaze relatives all evening when you share that they are your own handiwork! 


  1. The cranberry idea is so gorgeous -- simple and colorful.
    xo Josie