Best of: Fall (According to Brett)

This afternoon's guest post is a special one, written by my sweet husband Brett! He asked if he could write a guest post when I was trying to find guest posters for while we're away.'s extra special because it's his birthday today! Happy birthday, Brett! Love you so much. 

Growing up, I didn’t give a damn about the fall season. In Arizona, “fall” meant that temperatures dipped to the high 90’s in September and October. It wasn’t until Halloween that you could be assured that it wasn’t 100 degrees outside. 

Fast-forward to the past few years of living in rural Virginia (“God’s country”) and I’ve realized what I had been missing. From late September through mid-November, I let autumn embrace me like a bear-hug. Here’s my “Best of Fall” list… 

1. Fall Drives. If my professors gave extra credit for skipping class to drive in the country-side, I’d have the highest grade in all of my classes. I can learn about the regulation of capital markets another time – the fall foliage peaks at a certain time and then is gone! Here are some pictures I’ve taken from recent drives. 
monticello photo
vineyard with leaves changing colors
2. Food & Football. There’s no way to separate these two as a stereotypical American male like myself. It’s hard to imagine a better October Sunday than watching football with the patio door open and a delicious meal in front of you. Here’s a quick recipe of one of my favorite fall meals. 
pork chop recipe, pioneer woman
3. Fashion. I should probably let my wife talk more about fall fashion. But as someone with not much knowledge in the area, I can tell you that I at least appreciate the fall clothing: boots, light sweaters, scarves, jackets. Apparently cardigan sweaters are “back” in fashion for guys now. I don’t know what that means, but as a fan of The King (that's Arnold Palmer, for all you non golfers), I think it’s a good thing. Pick one up the one below at Gap or another place that sells clothing.
buy sweater | image source


  1. Fall is the greatest! And happy birthday to Brett!
    xo Josie

    1. Thank you Josie. I knew I liked you.