Red Stamp iPhone App


I'm one of those people: Hi, I'm Brookelyn, and I'm addicted to my iPhone.  I'm always looking for fun new apps to try, and when I read about Red Stamp in this month's Matchbook Magazine, I immediately downloaded the free app to check it out. Basically, it allows you to make little cards that you can text or email to friends and family right from your iPhone. There are tons of options that are totally free, and some that you can buy in-app for $.99. You can even have a real postcard made, printed, and mailed to someone, right from your phone! 

I'm a huge text message person, so this is perfect for me. Sometimes it seems like a plain ol' text isn't enough, and this makes it so much more fun and personalized. It would be a great way to invite people to a casual BBQ or last-minute dinner party. You can also upload photos from your Camera Roll to use in the Red Stamp stationery.

Have you tried Red Stamp yet? 

Note: This isn't a sponsored post, I just really like this app and wanted to share the love!