Fall 2012 Trend: Burgundy, Oxblood, and Wine

In the last week, temperatures in Virginia have gotten crisper, and I feel like fall is in the air and right around the corner. One of my favorite fall 2012 fashion trends is the color you see above. Some call it wine, some burgundy, and some oxblood (not my personal fave, to be honest), but no matter the name you give it, it's everywhere for fall. I love the color, and this is one you can definitely bet I'll be sporting. Bonus points: since it's a more "sedate" color, it's a lot easier (and less scary) to work into your wardrobe than this summer's neon hues. These are just a few of my favorite pieces in this fantastic hue. 


  1. That peplum top is to DIE for!
    xo Josie

  2. ,,,the peplum top a must have! the challenge now will be to find a store that will have it "in stock" (smile) i love the color burgandy and i'm happy it's front and center for the coming season. "ditto", i would have a hard time suggesting to someone "i adore the ox-blood hue." ox-blood, really?,,,

  3. obsessed with burgundy!