Best of: Coach Legacy Collection

Coach recently released their Legacy Collection, and it's all crave-worthy. Each bag is a duplicate or updated version of a classic bag in Coach's history, and each bag is absolutely gorgeous. Coach got a little crazy with the logos and trends the past few years, but I must say, their classics are hard to beat-I stole one of my mom's Coach handbags from the 80s, and it's still looking great today. They've updated each bag enough to look current, while not being trendy. These are a few of my favorite pieces- I"m especially crazy over the shoes on top, and the handbag on the bottom right.


  1. The bottom right. I absolutely DIE.
    xo Josie

  2. I'm so enamored with the Legacy collection. It reminds me of when I first encountered Coach and it was just a simple, gloriously elegant leather without much fuss. This is such a great way to reinvigorate the brand.