summer cocktail recipe: very berry gin and tonic

My mom, sister and I spent Friday evening playing mixologist, and I wanted to share a few of the summer cocktail ideas we came up with. First up is the drink we dubbed the very berry gin and tonic

What you'll need: gin, tonic, an assortment of berries, ice, and something to muddle the berries with
Place the berries in the glass, and  smash them up until semi-liquified. If you don't have a muddler, a fork works just fine. 
Add ice, and pour the gin over the ice. 
Add tonic, stir, and serve! 
And that's it! It's a super easy to make summer cocktail recipe, and it's super pretty to boot! 


  1. You couldn't have made a drink more perfect for me. I'm a berry fiend, and just like an old lady, gin & tonics is my drink of choice. - KAR,