Men's Essentials: A Timeless Collection

Today I have a guest post that I'm super excited about! Jordan Obinger is one of my sister's best friends, and he has some serious style skills. Jordan and I started chatting on Twitter, and I asked him to do a guest post about guy style and essentials every man needs. His suggestions are great, and a lot of these items can be found at many price points to fit various budgetary needs! A little bit about Jordan: he's in photography, advertising, and design, and lives in Minneapolis. You can check out his awesome photography site at, and follow him on Pinterest and Twitter, too! 

 essentials plural of es·sen·tial (Noun)

1. Something absolutely necessary. 
2. The fundamental elements or characteristics of something

Whether a man’s style is urban, trendy, preppy or—God forbid—gothic, essentials are the fundamental basics in any man’s closet.  Essentials aren’t the hottest new style, but they aren’t out of style either.  They’re right in the middle. Men often have a hard time finding basic essentials for their wardrobe, here’s a list of styles and brands that will have years of wear!

1.   Original Wool Ballcap | Cavalier Essentials
2.     Original Wayfarer, Tortoise | Rayban
3.     Bayne Stripe Tee | Burberry
4.     Stainless-Steel and Yellow Gold Oyster Perpetual Date (c.1978) | Rolex
5.     Ubarto Belt | BOSS BLACK
6.     Apache Bracelet Pack | ASOS
7.     Average Joe Straight-Leg Jeans | Nudie Jeans Co.
8.     9” Broken-In Chino Short | J.Crew
9.     Jack Purcell Leather | Converse
10. Clipper Leather Holdall | Mulberry

copyright 2012 Jordan Obinger 


  1. This is SUCH a good list of guys' essentials! I love the bag.
    xo Josie

  2. this list is perfect.... i've been aching for a pair of tortoise shell wayfarers for myself actually!

  3. If it's "absolutely necessary" to have a $1800 bag to be a man, I'll never be a man.

    1. Hi Anon- like I said in the intro, this is a great list of basics that could be adapted to any budget. Is a $1800 bag an essential for most people? Probably not. But a duffle is definitely an essential to any guy's wardrobe for the gym, weekends away, etc. Thanks for reading!

  4. I love this! How great it is to see men's fashion in the blogosphere.

  5. Great list. Very classic, even a bit preppy.

  6. This is really cool. I'm finding myself more and more interested in men's style lately.. call it my urges to dress my boyfriend even though he is more than capable of doing it himself ;) haha

  7. great post! every man should have items such as these in their wardrobe!