Back to Charlottesville

Yesterday was all about errands. Brett and I ran all over town getting groceries, school supplies, mail, and the like, since we've been away for more than three months! This was a great outfit, since it's comfortable to run around in, but cute enough that I didn't feel like a schlub. In a funny coincidence, I looked over at Brett and realized we were color coordinated halfway through the day- he was wearing light blue seersucker shorts, and a navy top! Yeah, we were totally "that couple." 

top and skirt: gap//shoes: cole haan nadine flats//watch: michael kors//necklace: west avenue jewelry


  1. I love that skirt -- so cute! And I totally feel you on playing catch-up -- it's crazy!
    xo Josie

  2. We sometimes end up coordinating on game days, but then my husband usually makes me change! :)

    Cute outfit! :)