How to make heels more comfortable

There's no denying that high heels make an outfit complete. There is also no denying that they can be incredibly uncomfortable to wear. Over the years, I've developed a few tried and true tactics to make heels more comfortable.

1. Prevention is the best protection. when shoe shopping, pick the most comfortable pair you can find. Wedges are the most supportive, and therefore, the most comfortable. If you're going with a pump, the thicker the heel, the more comfortable it will be.

2. Personally, I find Cole Haan shoes to be the most comfortable brand of heels and flats around. Most of them have Nike Air technology in the soles, so their shoes are as close to sneakers as heels get. 

3. Before you wear your shoes, make sure they fit perfectly. 

4. Buy padded inserts for your shoes. They come in all shapes and sizes, so if you find that you're slipping out of your pumps each time you take a step, you can put a set (or even two!) of heel pads in. If you have too much room in your toes, insert the pads desinged for the balls of your feet. There are even pads designed for the strappiest of sandals, and any drugstore, Target, or department store should have a selection.

5. If your shoes are a little too tight everywhere, try filling up a gallon-size ziplock baggie with water, and place the ziploc bag in the shoe in the freezer. The water will expand, and the shoes will stretch!

6. If you want to break in shoes while stretching them without getting painful blisters, try wearing a pair of athletic socks with your heels around the house.

7. If the shoes fit perfectly, save for  one or two spots, use the handle of a broom to gently stretch the shoe exactly where you need it most.

8. Blister block is your best friend. I've mentioned it before, but I'm seriously in love with the stuff- make sure you apply it before your blisters start to pop up, and your feet will thank you! 

9. If you wear heels daily, try to switch up the style every day- it'll make your feet hurt less, and prolong the life of the shoes, since they'll get a chance to breathe and dry on their off days. 

10. And finally, after you take your shoes off at the end of the day or evening, give your tootsies a massage, elevate your feet, and treat and cuts or blisters with antibiotic cream- your feet will be much happier come morning!

photo via The Coveteur


  1. Great tips! I recently discovered the trick around gel-inserts to prevent yourself from stepping out of shoes... little life saver that!

    Style by Joanne

  2. Great tips!

    xo Jennifer

  3. I saw your comment on Elembee and hoped you were the Best of Brooklyn (where I live!) but alas. Still a great blog, though! I don't wear heels almost as a rule, but these tips are so helpful for any pair of shoes. My crazy-pointy-squeezy black patent flats are getting that plastic baggie treatment ASAP.

  4. Wearing my patent pumps with socks for a few days around the house is my best trick!
    xo Josie

  5. Oh, awesome tips, thanks! I've never heard of blister block, I'll for sure be checking that out :).
    - Laura S