Equipment Silk Shirts

I've seen a lot of style bloggers wearing Equipment silk shirts, and I've always thought they were flattering basics that transitioned well from office to weekend wear, but I had never tried one on because the price tag (around $200+, retail)  is pretty prohibitive. Earlier this summer, a friend told me about a sample sale, and one of the featured brands was Equipment. I decided to try on one of the silk shirts (the Brett style seen in today's outfit post!) to see what all of the fuss was about. 

My mind was about as blown as a mind can be over a button up. Seriously, these shirts feel like you're wearing a silk cloud, and I can honestly say my blouse is the most flattering I currently own. There isn't any tugging or awkward pulling around the button area, which is always a problem with button front shirts. I only bought one at the sample sale, where the goods were priced at less than a quarter of suggested retail, and I've been kicking myself for not scooping up several. A perfect fitting button up blouse is a key wardrobe staple, and one in silk is the ultimate everyday luxury.  For now, I'll ogle these until they go on sale or the next sample sale comes around. 


  1. ugh! i know what you mean i have been looking for some shirts like this for a reasonable price for awhile, still no luck :(


  2. I'm hardcore addicted. I LOVE them.
    xo Josie

  3. Wait...did you say sample sale & Equipment in the same sentence? Swoon. And not fair! They really are worth the money though.