Custom Hotel LA

Before Brett and I took off for Chicago, we spent the night in LA to avoid waking up in the middle of the night to make our early morning flight. Brett booked a hotel blindly through Hotwire, and we really lucked out. We were thinking we would wind up with a regular airport hotel, which would have been totally fine (and what we were expecting!) but as luck would have it, we stayed in the Custom Hotel LA, a small boutique hotel. The hotel has a crazy cool retro vibe, and is kind of designed around an airline "theme" (think Pan-Am, not Southwest), since it's located about 5 minutes from LAX. I loved how everything was designed, from the lobby to the bar to the pool, and our room was super modern and relaxing at the same time. And to put a cherry on top, they stock the bathrooms with Lather products- the lavender-lime scented lotion was amazing. I'd stay there again in a heartbeat, and would highly recommend it to anyone needing a hotel in that area! Here are just a few photos of the Custom Hotel so you can see a little peek of the place.