Guest Post: How Maria Wore a Red Skirt

Hi everyone! I'm out of town this week, so I've asked a few blogger friends to step in for me while I'm out! Today's guest blogger is Maria, who is a friend of mine that lives in Phoenix. Maria and her blog make me laugh a lot of the time, and she makes me think, too, which is always a good thing! She and her husband (Aaron, who is almost as funny as my husband--Aaron, Brett added that part) make up one of the funniest couples I know, so I was so excited to have her guest post! 

I was a bit apprehensive when cutie pie Brookelyn asked me if I might be interested in a little cameo appearance on her fashionista blog here. But the more I thought about it, the more my girl-power spirit told my self-conscious self that hey, I like fashion. I think it’s fun. I put thought into what I wear. I have something to say!

Ok, it wasn’t that dramatic – actually it was more along the lines of me thinking “red skirt!” And then, this happened.

Skirt – Victoria’s Secret
Tank – Express
Necklace – American Eagle
Clutch – handmade (not by me)
Dog - Jethro

I don’t have much expendable funding to put toward indulging the fashion inspiration I gobble up daily on blogs like Brookelyn’s, Kendi Everday and what the heck, even Man Repeller (though funds aren’t the only thing keeping me from repeating her admirable outrageousness…ahem.) So what I’ve been doing the last few seasons is choosing one or two trends I can really get on board with and going for it.

Last fall, I saw a layout in Glamour of sharp-lookin’ ladies all across the globe wearing red maxi skirts. Red maxi skirts with black sweaters, with gray sweaters, with military green cargo jackets. Red maxi skirts going to Starbucks, red maxi skirts on the subway. Red maxi skirts HAD A MOMENT, and I can’t wait to write in my diary that I actually got to use the phrase “having a moment” today!

So I decided I would branch out and try a red maxi. I got this super comfy- though extra long – one from the Victoria’s Secret catalogue and frolicked about town in it all winter, pairing it with gray sweaters, black sweaters, we all scream for sweaters.

But when the weather started getting warmer (which is about 10 minutes after Christmas here in Phoenix) I was stumped when it came to styling the skirt for spring. In popped this tank from Express and I was inspired.

Truthfully, the fabric on both these items is so slinky I feel like I’m in pajamas, which is always a clothing win for me. I love red and black paired together, and I love the way the maxi skirt makes me look taller than 5’ 2” (do NOT dash these dreams if you disagree, internet. I AM TALL IN THIS SKIRT AND YOU WILL BE QUIET.)

So, friends, my imparting wisdom to you is that if funds are low (or you’re channeling them more toward a trip to Europe, for example, than Louis Vuitton yellow pumps) take a few trends, run with them, and have a moment all year long. These are my words and though Brookelyn may regret putting a smart-mouthed, pajama-conscious wannabe fashionista on her blog, what’s done is done, ya’ll. (Editor's note: I don't regret  Maria guest blogging at all- her post cracked me up!) 

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  1. SO cute! I love how you rocked the red skirt. And you're hysterical to boot!
    xo Josie