Chicago-The Terrace at Trump Tower

Hi everyone! It's been a crazy but great couple of weeks over here! We were in California to drop our things off in our apartment we're renting for the summer, and then Illinois to spend a little time in Chicago, and to go to Brett's brother's wedding! We've finally gotten everything unpacked here in Newport, and I'm so excited for this summer. I leave again tomorrow to go to Minnesota to  watch my little sister graduate from college- so excited for her! In the meantime, I have lots of photos to share of our adventures the last couple of weeks! 

When we were in Chicago, we went to the Terrace at Trump Tower to have a drink and take in the gorgeous views. I'd highly recommend this if you're visiting the city in the summer months- the terrace is on the 16th floor, and the views of the city and the lake are absolutely breathtaking, plus, I loved the style of the bar, and it didn't hurt that they had amazing drinks, too! Brett and I liked it so much that we took his parents there the night after we went, so they could see it too! I snapped a few (okay, like a billion) photos and wanted to share them! 


  1. This is so stunning! What a gorgeous view.
    xo Josie