Chicago Photos

Our time in Chicago was a whirlwind, but we managed to pack in a lot of fun and photos in the time we were there! We had two great dinners at Hub 51 (Brett and I went, then took his parents back there the next night because we liked it so much! They have a yummy gluten free menu, and if you go, drink the pomegranate mojito- best one I've ever had.), went to a fantastic dueling piano bar, and sipped drinks overlooking the lake at Trump Tower's terrace. During the day, we ran around town to see some sights, stopping by "The Bean" in Millenium Park, checked out Navy Pier, and did a little shopping on Michigan Avenue. My favorite "touristy" thing we did was, by far, an architectural river cruise we took on the Chicago River and Lake Michigan- such a fun way to see so many different parts of the city when you're don't have much tim to spend walking around for hours. I snapped a ton of photos during the trip, and wanted to share a few of my favorites here. 

What to Wear: Sightseeing in Chicago in May

Before my brother-in-law's wedding, Brett and I decided to spend a little bit of time in Chicago playing! We walked around, shopped, took an architectural tour on the Chicago River, and generally just had a great day! I'm planning on sharing some photos of the sights we saw in the next couple of days, but first up, what I wore to see the aforementioned sights! The weather was gorgeous, and the light layers I had on were perfect for a day spent running around. 

Dress: H+M last year (similar)
Necklace: West Avenue Jewelry Company
Belt: Target
Watch: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Sweater: Gap

Congratulations, Kinzie!

I spent the weekend in Minneapolis with my parents celebrating my little sister's college graduation! Makinzie, I could not be more proud of you, and I couldn't have asked for a better sister. Love you so much, and can't wait to see all of the wonderful things you'll accomplish! 

What I Wore: Santa Monica

The night before we left for Chicago, Brett and I stayed in LA for the night, since our flight was at an ungodly hour of the morning and we were flying out of LAX! We headed to Santa Monica for dinner and to take a peek at the beach- it was still there (ha!). Santa Monica is by far one of my favorite beach cities, and we spent our honeymoon there! I loved this white lace skirt last summer, and I'm excited to wear it again now that the weather is warmer! 

skirt: urban outfitters, top: gap, belt: vintage, watch: michael kors

Chicago-The Terrace at Trump Tower

Hi everyone! It's been a crazy but great couple of weeks over here! We were in California to drop our things off in our apartment we're renting for the summer, and then Illinois to spend a little time in Chicago, and to go to Brett's brother's wedding! We've finally gotten everything unpacked here in Newport, and I'm so excited for this summer. I leave again tomorrow to go to Minnesota to  watch my little sister graduate from college- so excited for her! In the meantime, I have lots of photos to share of our adventures the last couple of weeks! 

When we were in Chicago, we went to the Terrace at Trump Tower to have a drink and take in the gorgeous views. I'd highly recommend this if you're visiting the city in the summer months- the terrace is on the 16th floor, and the views of the city and the lake are absolutely breathtaking, plus, I loved the style of the bar, and it didn't hurt that they had amazing drinks, too! Brett and I liked it so much that we took his parents there the night after we went, so they could see it too! I snapped a few (okay, like a billion) photos and wanted to share them! 

Guest Post: How Maria Wore a Red Skirt

Hi everyone! I'm out of town this week, so I've asked a few blogger friends to step in for me while I'm out! Today's guest blogger is Maria, who is a friend of mine that lives in Phoenix. Maria and her blog make me laugh a lot of the time, and she makes me think, too, which is always a good thing! She and her husband (Aaron, who is almost as funny as my husband--Aaron, Brett added that part) make up one of the funniest couples I know, so I was so excited to have her guest post! 

I was a bit apprehensive when cutie pie Brookelyn asked me if I might be interested in a little cameo appearance on her fashionista blog here. But the more I thought about it, the more my girl-power spirit told my self-conscious self that hey, I like fashion. I think it’s fun. I put thought into what I wear. I have something to say!

Ok, it wasn’t that dramatic – actually it was more along the lines of me thinking “red skirt!” And then, this happened.

Skirt – Victoria’s Secret
Tank – Express
Necklace – American Eagle
Clutch – handmade (not by me)
Dog - Jethro

I don’t have much expendable funding to put toward indulging the fashion inspiration I gobble up daily on blogs like Brookelyn’s, Kendi Everday and what the heck, even Man Repeller (though funds aren’t the only thing keeping me from repeating her admirable outrageousness…ahem.) So what I’ve been doing the last few seasons is choosing one or two trends I can really get on board with and going for it.

Last fall, I saw a layout in Glamour of sharp-lookin’ ladies all across the globe wearing red maxi skirts. Red maxi skirts with black sweaters, with gray sweaters, with military green cargo jackets. Red maxi skirts going to Starbucks, red maxi skirts on the subway. Red maxi skirts HAD A MOMENT, and I can’t wait to write in my diary that I actually got to use the phrase “having a moment” today!

So I decided I would branch out and try a red maxi. I got this super comfy- though extra long – one from the Victoria’s Secret catalogue and frolicked about town in it all winter, pairing it with gray sweaters, black sweaters, we all scream for sweaters.

But when the weather started getting warmer (which is about 10 minutes after Christmas here in Phoenix) I was stumped when it came to styling the skirt for spring. In popped this tank from Express and I was inspired.

Truthfully, the fabric on both these items is so slinky I feel like I’m in pajamas, which is always a clothing win for me. I love red and black paired together, and I love the way the maxi skirt makes me look taller than 5’ 2” (do NOT dash these dreams if you disagree, internet. I AM TALL IN THIS SKIRT AND YOU WILL BE QUIET.)

So, friends, my imparting wisdom to you is that if funds are low (or you’re channeling them more toward a trip to Europe, for example, than Louis Vuitton yellow pumps) take a few trends, run with them, and have a moment all year long. These are my words and though Brookelyn may regret putting a smart-mouthed, pajama-conscious wannabe fashionista on her blog, what’s done is done, ya’ll. (Editor's note: I don't regret  Maria guest blogging at all- her post cracked me up!) 

Visit me at

Guest Post: Ellen Pompeo's Look for $2,500 Less

This week, I'm taking a little blog break while I'm in Chicago, and I've lined up some guest bloggers while I'm away! First up is Anna, the founder of Bananas for Handbags, an online bag store. Read her post and go check out the chic bags she stocks in her shop- they're all a steal, to boot! 

A few weeks ago, Ellen Pompeo stepped out on the town to attend the The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences “Welcome To ShondaLand” which was an evening with Shonda Rhimes & friends. True to her style, she was simply elegant while being casual and trendy and rocking her hot pink pants.

Her designer outfit cost over $2,600 dollars but you can have this look for well under $100.

The standout piece from her outfit is her pink tapered trousers from Stella McCartney.  The price tag for these are $498.00.  We found a similar pant at Willis for only $35.00. 

Although we cannot seem to confirm which designer made the top she was wearing, we did find an alternative from Macy’s for only $19.95. 

The Lanvin Crystals Leaf Bracelet that she is wearing sells for more than $600.  We found a similar Rose Gold Tone Spring Cuff Leaf Braclet for only $9.00 at Fashion Jewelry LA. 

The cute clutch purse is similar in style to some of the ones we sell on Bananas for Handbags.  All our handbags are under $80.00 and most are in the $50.00 range.

Her heels are Azzedine Alaia suede heeled sandal, which goes for $1,515.00. We found the Nine West  Merckie Sandal for only $69.95.  That’s a $1,445.05 saving or a mortgage payment for most of us!

Looking like a celebrity doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  There are lots of alternatives in the world of fashion for much less! 

Anna Mackey is the founder of Bananas for Handbags a discount handbag store that sells hobo bags and tote bags at affordable prices.

What I Wore: A Little Boho

I've mentioned before that I keep it pretty simple when it comes to doing my hair- it's pretty much always blown out straight. I decided to mix things up yesterday a bit and throw a scarf up in my hair, and I kind of loved how it turned out! I think that  headscarves will be making lots of appearances this summer! 

shorts and shirt: gap, scarf: italy from sister, watch: michael kors

Brett and I leave Charlottesville tomorrow to head to Newport, and we'll be in Chicago next week, but check back here- I have some fun guest bloggers set up for while I'm away! 

This Guy...

Just finished his second year of law school and I couldn't be prouder. Brett, I love you. 

Best Dressed- Met Ball 2012

On Monday, fashion's elite and Hollywood's favorite starlets gathered to fete the opening of the exhibit Impossible Conversations, which features designs by Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada. As one can imagine, this results in fabulous red carpet moments (and some straight up crazy ones, but I'm just going to keep it positive here and focus on my favorites!). These five ladies had my favorite looks this year. 

I loved the futuristic vibe of Carey Mulligan's Prada dress. She was the event co-chair this year, and she certainly stood out in a sea of ballgowns. 

The bold citrusy hue of Solange Knowles dress was phenomenal on her skin-tone, and the peplum was perfectly on trend. It's hard to outshine Beyonce, but dare I say, Solange easily did last night! 

Camilla Belle looked simply stunning- I loved the dress, the sleek hair and the super-bold lip. I wish her face makeup was slightly less dewey, but that's really splitting hairs. She always looks poised and confident on the red carpet- she wears the clothes, but the clothes don't wear her. 

I was watching the livestream of the red carpet online last night, and when they panned over to Nina Dobrev, I actually said "Wow" out loud- this dress was a showstopper in every sense of the word. I've yet to see a celeb in Donna Karan on a runway in a dress I didn't like. The woman can do no wrong! 

Tory Burch wore Tory Burch- surprise, surprise! A lot of the blogs and websites I read didn't like her dress at all, but there was something fresh and unique about it, and I just really, really liked it- the color is great on her, and I love the contrasting green earrings, as well. 

What I Wore: Colorblocked

When I first bought these pink jeans, I was thinking that I'd probably wear them a handful of times and then get bored and move on- that's why I only spent $30 on them! But in the few months I've had them, I've worn them countless times, and they are one of the few things I kept in Charlottesville to wear the last couple of weeks I'm here, since the majority of my closet has been sent to Newport for the summer- and these are definitely going in my carry-on when I leave! One of my favorite ways to wear my hot pink pants is paired with this cobalt blue top. I realized this weekend that I've worn this exact same outfit at least a half dozen times (I'm an unabashed outfit repeater- once I find something I like, I wear it multiple times), but never on the blog! 

Pants: H+M (similar), Top: Old NavyShoes: Cole HaanPurse: Kate Spade (slightly different version here), Necklace: West Avenue JewelryWatch: Michael Kors

The Icon: Princess Diana

Princess Diana was, in every sense of the word, an icon. Focusing only on her wardrobe when she worked so hard to bring attention to so many worthwhile causes seems trite, but this is a fashion blog, so I'm just focusing on that part here. Diana's style, unlike many of the other icons I've recently featured, probably would never be described as "classic," but any item of clothing she wore was definitely iconic. From 80s power suits to killer evening dresses, and of course the dress she wore on her wedding day, Princess Diana made unforgettable fashion choices. The world watched as she grew from a shy schoolteacher to undeniably the most famous woman in the world, and her sartorial choices evolved right along with her. Her untimely death was devastating to people all over the world, and Diana's work (and wardrobe) will never be forgotten.

Best of: Gap Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses have been on-trend for several warm weather seasons by now, but I still love them. They're cute, universally flattering, and are a great alternative to the parade of short summer sundresses.  Gap has a bunch of very (budget friendly!) cute options right now- here are a few of my favorites!

Black and White Striped
Pink Chevron (comes in a yellow and grey version that is adorable, too!) 
Polka Dots

PS- if you order online before the end of the day, you get 25% off!