Kendra Scott Color Bar

I've been a fan of Kendra Scott's bright baubles for a while, and my  "Danielle" earrings from the brand are easily one of my favorites in my jewelry box. However, I didn't realize until yesterday that Kendra Scott's website has a "Color Bar" section where you can design your own colorful accessories! You pick one of the brand's statement pieces, and then you drag and drop 1 of 27 color options into each place where there is a stone. Better yet, you can even decide if you want gold or silver as the metal option.  

I think this would make a really fun gift for bridesmaids in wedding colors (or your friends' favorite colors) or for little/big sister gifts in sorority colors, or, of course, any time when you're looking for something fun and unique! I spent a little while messing around in the Color Bar, and here are a few of my favorite combinations! 
the hollis necklace- $150

the tavi earring- $50

the valencia necklace, $120


  1. Love the colour bar! I could totally get carried away with it if I let myself!