Cheap Thrills: Old Navy Swimsuits

I was killing some time before I met Brett for lunch last week, and I wandered into Old Navy. I stumbled upon their swimwear section, and I was pleasantly surprised with all of the cute options they have at the moment! I didn't have time to try a bunch of suits on, but these four looked particularly cute. Best part? Some of the pieces are only $15 dollars each- that means a full suit for around $30! Pretty hard to beat. Here are a few of the ones that caught my eye, and there are plenty more on their website, too! 

Floral: Top, Bottom
Navy and Pink: Top, Bottom
Red and White: Top, Bottom
Purple: Top, Bottom


  1. I love the polka dot one! How cute.
    xo Josie

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  3. Like the nautical ones, the others not so much.