Love/Loathe: Nail Art

I know that I can't be the only girl that feels a little sartorially confused about certain things when it comes to beauty,design, and fashion- do I "love" it, or do I "loathe" it? I decided to start a little blog series to ask for  help deciding these style conundrums- tell me if you love or loathe this style in the comments! 

I am one of those girls that loves to have her nails painted - I just like how they look, and it makes me feel more polished - pun intended. And over the last few years, I've amassed a pretty hefty collection of colors in my polish box. But there are two looks you most likely will never see me sporting - french manicures and nail art. I used to like French manicures, and for whatever reason, I am so not a fan now- they just seem so fake, and not in a good way, to me.

 While I think nail art is certainly a way to show off creativity right there on your fingertips, I've seen so few looks that I actually like, so I've kind of written off nail art for me - until I saw the Sally Hansen leopard (top right) and lace nail strips - for some reason, these are passable to my nail art detesting self - however, they've been on the market for months now, and I've yet to bite the bullet and order a set. 

But judging from what I've seen on Pinterest lately - lots of people love their nail art, and even more love their french manis, so I wanted to poll people to see what they think of this phenomenon! If I've learned one thing from blogging for a while, it is that just because I don't like a particular trend does not mean that countless others don't love it! 

I rounded up a few of the crazy finger art looks I could find on Pinterest, and I present them to you, with a question: do you love or loathe nail art? 


  1. I'm not the biggest fan. I like solids.
    xo Josie