Love/Loathe: Feather Hair Extensions

I know that I can't be the only girl that feels a little sartorially confused about certain things when it comes to beauty,design, and fashion- do I "love" it, or do I "loathe" it? I decided to start a little blog series to ask for  help deciding these style conundrums- tell me if you love or loathe this style in the comments! 
Feather hair extensions have been all the rage the last few months or so, and I've had friends on both sides of the love/loathe spectrum. Where do you fall? Do you love or loathe the feathers in the hair look? 


  1. they're ok but not for me... Happy weekend!!!

  2. I was stunned when I saw adults wearing them a few times last year. Nothing says you don't feel comfortable in your skin like adopting a trend that's popular with teenagers when you're decades more mature than them.

    I read that birds are killed for the feathers, but asked another local blogger who seemed knowledgeable about them if that was true and was never able to get confirmation.

    1. Jeannine- Wow, if the birds are getting killed for the feathers, that is really, really sad and wrong!

  3. I love them!!! ... but I do believe they should be for the youngsters.

  4. They look so cool! But yes, it's a sad truth that the birds are killed for their feathers. I got them early on from my salon and had no idea how they were procured. No one at the salon seemed to know either, as the feather company was very hush hush about it. Eventually the company admitted that the birds were "humanely" euthanized - a practice going on for some time as the feathers were originally used in fly fishing. I took my feathers out once I considered just how many more birds were surely being killed for their plumage - all because of some fashion trend. Haven't put them back in since.. just too sad :(